Career Link strives to improve Illinois' employment by assisting those in need with the job search process, providing education, and offering comprehensive training for youth, laid-off workers, and current or newly hired employees. We offer GED and tuition assistance (click here for the application) to those seeking to further their education. Eligible individuals may also receive tuition assistance to train for jobs and careers in growing industries. Each year, we help eligible laid-off workers by providing WIOA-funded retraining grants. With Career Link approval, these workers can receive their unemployment compensation and return to school while collecting their benefits. Whether you're a high school graduate looking for the next step, a laid-off worker wanting to retrain to improve your skills, or a current employee needing additional training, Career Link can offer custom solutions.

Companies can also benefit from Career Link's efforts, as we can help find, train, educate, and retain dedicated employees perfect for the job and your unique company culture. Through On-the-Job Training, apprenticeship programs, and Incumbent Worker Training, companies can strategically develop their workforce. Employers can gain capable employees without expensive training costs. Apprenticeship assistance enables companies to train on-site with relevant instruction, boost productivity, improve talent, and reduce recruitment and turnover costs. Incumbent Worker Training helps employers needing to train their workers to avoid layoffs and increase skill sets. This training program can lessen the stress of onboarding, saving businesses both time and money.

Career Link is Illinois' go-to resource for training and education needs. Let us guide you on your journey, whether it's pursuing a degree or training to improve your skills and enhance your career. No matter if you're an employee, employer, fresh high school graduate, or laid-off worker, we're here for you every step of the way. With Career Link, you are never alone. Contact our team today!

View a list of our Approved Training Providers here.