Onboarding Made Easy

There will always be a need for new employees to keep your company growing and improving. However, training new employees on your unique processes, systems, and equipment requires a substantial investment of both time and money. Have you been searching for a way to increase your company's efficiency and effectiveness in onboarding and employee training? We understand the many challenges that today's employers face day-to-day. Career Link's On-the-job Training program (OJT) might be the solution for you. 

You Hire. You Train. We Pay.

Career Link's On-the-Job Training program allows employers to focus on hiring candidates that are the right fit for the specific job and company culture. This program links employers with useful, relevant, and timely information that provides participating employees with the resources they need to succeed. And when employees succeed, so does their company. Up to 75% of training costs can be covered through the Career Link's On-the-job Training program during a customized training period, allowing employers to focus on growth without worry. The duration of the OJT assistance is determined by the requirements of the job and the skills for the individual. Please note that individuals must meet WIOA eligibility criteria, and wage requirements may apply.

With On-the-Job Training, you can skip the expensive conferences, training handbooks, and irrelevant and unnecessary information often included in training seminars. It's a convenient, cost-effective training option that can boost employee productivity, morale, and retention. OJT allows employees to enhance their skill set with hands-on experience that benefits not only their career but also their company.

Are you ready to take the next step toward developing a loyal, efficient, and skilled workforce? On-the-Job Training is available to you. Contact Career Link today to see how we can help your company effectively train, retain, and remain competitive in the industry.

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