Do you need a GED? Do you have a high school diploma or equivalent and want to explore additional education options? Are you looking for financial assistance so you can get your degree? Career Link is here for you. We work with young adults across Central Illinois that need help with education, training, and funding that leads to employment.

Career Exploration & Job Opportunities

Career Link can help you to explore your interests and skills while educating you about what occupations are in demand now and which ones are projected to be in demand tomorrow. If we know that employers in our area are looking for skilled workers, we are often training individuals to work in those occupations and industries. We recommend two free online resources: and Illinois to explore career pathways.

The staff in our Resource Centers can help all full-time job seekers and those ready to begin their part-time job search. We will help you access job leads through the internet or at local hiring events. Assistance is available at no cost to help you write a resume and learn how to market your skills to area employers. Career Link also assists students in Career Link-funded career training programs with part-time paid work experience and internships during the school year.

GED Assistance

Career Link partners with local community organizations to reward students in GED classes as they improve their reading and math levels. Students who meet training goals can earn vouchers to help pay for the tests. Those who earn their GED may be eligible to receive other incentives. If you are under 24 years old and need a GED, please contact your local Career Link office to see if you qualify for these special incentive-based programs. Opportunities for paid job experience while studying for the GED are also available.

Take Advantage of WIOA

Career Link administers federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) grants. Students interested in career training programs that lead to good-paying jobs should apply to Career Link for a WIOA grant to pay for their training. These grants can cover up to $22,000 in training costs, plus books and supplies, uniforms, travel, and childcare reimbursements. Each year, hundreds of students are selected to have 100% of their training costs covered as they work toward a community college certificate or associate degree. Career Link also helps students with the last two years of a selection of bachelor degree programs.

Are You Eligible?

Applicants must be determined to be WIOA-eligible and selected for funding. Individuals who are 16-24 years old and meet one or more of the following criteria are encouraged to apply:

  • Individuals who are a member of a low-income household (for example families eligible for SNAP benefits)
  • Individuals who have had experience with the juvenile or adult justice system
  • Individuals who consider themselves to be homeless
  • Individuals in foster care or who have aged out of foster care
  • Individuals who are pregnant or a parent
  • Individuals with a disability (learning or physical disability)

Approved Training Programs

Most WIOA-funded students are attending short-term training (less than 30 months) that leads to industry-recognized credentials required by employers. The majority of people we help attend community colleges in our area, but some also attend four-year universities and some private for-profit technical schools. Career Link funds many students at area schools in healthcare, information technology, advanced manufacturing, transportation, distribution, and logistics, and more.

Are you ready to take the next step in finding a job, earning a degree, or participating in a training program? Submit your application online today!